Camoc 2015 Moscow

Engaging Minds, Empowering Success.

Registrations Open

Time: 8AM - 8PM

Date Of Event

23rd Sep 2019 8AM - 4PM


10th Anniversary Annual Conference

During our 10th anniversary of annual conference we are going to be reflection on the 10 years of improvement in various fields and how the idea was generated.


The Museum

Museums tell you a lot about how to our ancestors dealt with the some of the major changes in the world which needs to be kept alive.



City museums have some of the best information about the place and people of value which can be helpful to improve your history.

Explore Moscow

The Victor Vasnetsov House Museum have some of the most detailed information about Russian Wars.
If you like beverages you would definitely love the history of the beverages about how it originated.
A museum reserve which is open to exploration to help you grow the knowledge about the place.


September 2019


The main agenda of this conference is to bring awareness about the importance of the museum and how it is protecting our cultural heritage.

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Basketball Hoops

Finding a nearby court in your neighbourhood and committing to go there and play every day can be troublesome. It will be time-consuming and inconvenient as you will not get much playtime with a lot of crowd present. If you like to play a few games every day to improve your skills or just to have some fun, you can always get a portable basketball hoop for your backyard. Even professional players use the portable hoops to blow off some heat while at home. There are many basketball hoops available in various colours, frames, and materials to suit your budget and need.

Spalding NBA Hybrid Portable Basketball System

According to, a great basketball hoop from Spalding starts at $522. This portable hoop is pretty costly in comparison with other hoops. It has a single spring breakaway mechanism on the rim, and the board pad is tested and found to perform better than other boards. The rim also has a weather and dust protection coating to protect it from rust and dust.

Lifetime Youth Portable Basketball Hoop

Lifetime provides a way more affordable hoop at only $67, which can be your choice for a fun game with your friends and family in the evening. This hoop will be convenient for kids to learn the basics of basketball, but it not much of a hoop that can withstand a rough game. The materials are water-resistant, and the heavy-duty provides durability.


Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System

Another Spalding hoop which comes in two variants. The 54” which costs $420 and the 60” which costs $605. It has an acrylic backboard and features Spalding’s Arena Slam breakaway rim which provides professional gameplay. It also features a 40-Gallon Base for sand and water to provide a static board. It is a good build system which will suit well in your half-court in the backyard.

Lifetime 1531 Portable Basketball System

This lifetime time hoop system comes in four colours – blue, red, grey, and faded green, which adds to its looks. It is an affordable loop which is durable enough to provide a good game every evening. It has an adjustable height from 8 to 10 feet, which is a great height and with easy installation. It also has 31 gallon base to provide rigidity.

adjustable height

Spalding 66291 Pro Slam Portable Basketball Hoop

This is one more hoop model, which is a combination of quality and affordability. It features a heavy-duty pro breakaway rim and includes a white all-weather nylon net, which can withstand extreme conditions and outdoor elements. It is adjustable from 7.5 inches to 10 inches in 6-inch increments. It comes with a 3 piece installation with double compression spring, 34-gallons base, and a solid steel frame keeping the durability in mind, read this guide now to learn more.


History of Moscow

Moscow is a city in Russia that has a long history. The history of Moscow has been highs and lows. There are some notable things from the history of this country that people should know.

Early History

The first record of Moscow dates back to 1147. This is where Yuri Dolgoruki and Sviatoslav Olgovich were in power. This town had a move around it to keep unwanted visitors out. The city was still attacked and all of the people that lived there were killed. The city was burnt down but it did not stay down. In 1382 the city was up and standing and was burnt down once again. This time it was the Mongols that attached. By the end of the 15th century, the population reached 50,000 and the city was doing well.

By the 17th century, the popular reached 200,000 and was considered to be on the largest cities around at this time. The capital of Russia was moved out of Moscow at this time by Tsar Peter the Great. While there was a decline in industry and some people did move away, the city was slowly able to recover. Once again they rebuilt and survived.

The city was in a decline due to the bubonic plague. A large percentage of the population was killed and there was very little business activity that was conducted at this time. The city was able to recover and the Moscow University attracted many scholars. Things were going well once again until the city was attacked by Napoleon and was once again burnt down. The city rebuilt due to the Industrial Revolution and was once again thriving. There were many industries and plenty of work for the people.

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Modern Moscow

In 1917 the Communist lead a revolution in Russia and took over power. Lenin decided to move his headquarters to Moscow. He was a harsh ruled. After his death, Josef Stalin took over and demolished many historical buildings located in Moscow. While he was tearing buildings down he was also building some up. The Metro opened in 1935 and attracted people from all over the world. Moscow became known for performing arts.

Things were fine in Moscow once again until Hitler and the German army invaded Russia in 1941 during World War II. They reached the city limits but they were held off for a period of time. While the city was saved there were still trying times ahead. Moscow was chosen to host the Olympic events in 1980. Many nations boycotted this event due to the communist rule.

Russia continued to thrive and survived some additional harsh time. When communism fell in 1991 the city was able to survive. People from all over the world decided to travel to Moscow to enjoy the culture. In 1997, Moscow was able to celebrate the 850th anniversary since it had been founded.


Today, Moscow is a busy city and people can make a good living there. The population of Moscow is 11.9 million people and this population, as well as the city, are continuing to grow.