Camoc 2015 Moscow

Engaging Minds, Empowering Success.

Registrations Open

Time: 8AM - 8PM

Date Of Event

23rd Sep 2019 8AM - 4PM


10th Anniversary Annual Conference

During our 10th anniversary of annual conference we are going to be reflection on the 10 years of improvement in various fields and how the idea was generated.


The Museum

Museums tell you a lot about how to our ancestors dealt with the some of the major changes in the world which needs to be kept alive.



City museums have some of the best information about the place and people of value which can be helpful to improve your history.

Explore Moscow

The Victor Vasnetsov House Museum have some of the most detailed information about Russian Wars.
If you like beverages you would definitely love the history of the beverages about how it originated.
A museum reserve which is open to exploration to help you grow the knowledge about the place.


September 2019